Depressive or Depressed

blog   Being a depressive, negative nelly is not the same as being depressed. Believe me, I know that depressive person who always sees the glass half empty; he describes himself as a ‘realist’….. mmm…. ok. I’m the 1 out of 4 women in my age category who has been diagnosed with depression. I don’t SUFFER with depression. I HAVE depression! You wouldn’t hear people say “I suffer with diabetes”, so I choose to call it like it is. I’m not making light of the diagnosis in the slightest. I’m OWNING my depression so it doesn’t own me. It doesn’t define WHO I am but merely is in my D.N.A.

My brain doesn’t work the same as a person without depression and no I can’t “just snap out of it” or “think positive thoughts”. Depression doesn’t work like that. Wouldn’t that be a great way to fix things!

No, I am not particularly happy (haha I’m so funny) that God chose this path for me but then maybe I should feel grateful and see  this as my chance to help educate others first hand on depression, what it is and what they can do.

No, this is not Mental Health Issues Awareness Day. You didn’t miss the memo at work to post things on your Facebook wall or to wear a dark blue ribbon or to fly a flag to show your support. I don’t believe in those things. I believe the change begins when you educate yourself about the issue, read about it, talk about it, share your experience with those around you. (I’m always amazed at just how many others like me are out there!) Even if I educate just one person then I’ve made a difference. O.K so maybe those things mentioned before do get people talking or asking what the blue ribbon is for.

You don’t need to treat me any different. I’m still me. However, DO NOT EVER  and I will say it again, NEVER EVER tell me to ‘buck up’, ‘put a smile on your face’ or ‘cheer up’; it doesn’t work like that. Nor does ‘go out and socialize, you know you will have a good time and will feel better’. Sorry people, if only it was that easy!

No, WHAT I NEED is to make sure I take my prescribed medication EVERY SINGLE DAY just like the diabetic who needs to check their insulin level, I need my neurotransmitters to be on full fire up  and balanced so my brain works just like yours (I call them my ‘Happy Pills’ hahaha)

I always knew there was a reason I hated the long dark cold winters. I don’t just MISS  the sunshine my body REACTS to the lack of sunshine DRAMATICALLY. So along with my ‘Happy Pills’ I have my ‘Sunshine in a Bottle’ from Shoppers Drug Mart (vitamin D) and my determination to keep going. Smiling or not.


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