He Led Me Up The Garden Path

Words flew around in my head forming sentences as the wind played with my hair. They became clearer as the creativity reignited; fueled by the warmth of the sun kissing my face. Solitude for me is as important as breathing. I can feel it energizing me with an overwhelming sense of peace. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to you but to me it’s everything.

The peace replaces the zinging inside me that comes with not nurturing my creative side. I become paralyzed and unable to complete a thought, I get writers block, I become blind to the endless photographic qualities in the every day things, I  grit my teeth with stress and wake up countless times in the night and all because I haven’t made time for myself. Alone time. Solitude. Peace and tranquility.

Today at church Pastor Dave spoke about wisdom. Where do we find it? How do we apply it to our lives? Are we making wise choices that come from Him or are we merely listening to our own inner voices that convince us that we are making a wise choice?

On my way home from visiting with my oldest son in Hamilton I found myself being pulled into the garden centre. A place for me that once offered tranquility and peace as I filled my cart with plants and flowers to transform my garden into a haven of blooming colours. My garden was a place where I found the silence comforting; just me and the warmth of the earth beneath my fingernails. But ever since I moved into my condo nearly 2 years ago I have avoided all garden centres with their glorious colours and their reminders of what I no longer had the space for.

Today, He led me down the garden path. The path that led me in with new eyes. I saw the colours again in all their spectacular glory. I breathed in the fresh air and all the beauty of the everyday accessories displayed so artfully. I took out my iPhone to snap photographs and began to see things clearer through the lens of it’s camera. I walked up and down every single aisle, soaking up the peace that filled me (I wonder how many others heard me let out a huge sigh)  With the zinginess  blown away in the wind I had found my solitude’s reward.

What a wise choice that was made today, but somehow I don’t quite believe it was my doing. God led me down the garden path today and I followed.


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