Morning After Glow

I have the ‘morning after glow’ today. You know, perma grin and a satisfied air about me. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt like this and I want it to last.

Yesterday my home was filled with children and their partners rounded up from their busy lives. They sat in the living room all talking and laughing together, reminiscing, sharing new stories and re-connecting their lives once again. I stood in the kitchen witnessing it all, baking their favourite cookies, and apple blossom desserts for our meal; the air filled with love and delicious aromas. The oven was in constant use as the desserts were replaced  by a fat turkey and all the fixings of our traditional Thanksgiving meal cooked with family recipes.

While the turkey sizzled and browned to perfection, I took my children to the advanced polling station, feeling proud not only as the last of my offspring placed her vote for the very first time but because I can; a privilege of living in a country where we have a voice.

I got to fill my stomach with a delicious Thanksgiving meal for a second time as the previous evening  I had spent it sitting around a dear friends table beside her family, partaking in their celebrations and family traditions.

My home is filled with fresh flowers, plates of home baked goodies and leftover turkey in the fridge for those must have turkey, stuffing cranberry sandwiches that once introduced, joined our list of traditions. My oldest son is home for the remainder of the week. Thank-you ‘Reading Week’. I am so very thankful my house is clean, my children are fed and I have a gym membership.

May the calories burn and the memories stay and not the other way around!

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