Salt of The Earth

Return the salt of my tears

down the drain

to the ocean.

Let me step out of the bath

onto the welcoming warmth of the sand

and wrap the suns rays around my naked body to dry me off.

As the salt flows and mixes

into the dark, tumultuous seas,

joining the depths of the darkness,

let it remain

until the paintbrush releases it

onto the canvas

in a thick blackness of waters.


Paint until the salt runs dry,

Until the calm is restored.

Until the water is still

and the love is restored

onto the surface

into the depths

turning black to blue.

A healing bruise of pain

disappearing from the skin

back to the colour of love.


Return the salt of my tears

to an azure ocean.

Crashing waves

of happiness.



Mixing ocean and earth


in a rhythmic dance of love.





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