Dear Tony

saying goodbye 001 (3)

Today is for quiet reflection. Saying goodbye was truly hard and headache inducing from the tears I’m still shedding. We may not be married anymore but we share a lifetime of memories and raising amazing children. We loved and lost Matthew. Grieved and supported. Through our journey together we have overcome the bitter taste of divorce and can now sit side by side in comfortable conversation; laughing and sharing a familiarity while we still continue to support our children.

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You rebuilt the ugly kitchen while I tended our garden. I drew the pictures of cabinets and fireplaces and you created them. I sewed curtains and made cushion covers. You stayed up late to paint. We listened as newly installed brick faces fell and scared the new hardwood floors. We built a home and raised a family. Memories both sad and good, but still lots of memories filling our home. You rode off on your motorbike today the way you rode into my life, filling my heart with love. My heart is full today.

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For all the hatred in this world, fighting and killing, PEACE is absent.  For all those who believe that ex -partners cannot remain friends, FORGIVNESS is absent.  Without both of those things, LOVE cannot exist. My mind is at peace, my heart has healed and forgiven (and been forgiven) and so here I sit, filled with LOVE and I am GRATEFUL. Grateful that over the years our ‘romantic’ love changed and evolved into what it is today. An APPRECIATION for one another as human beings, a NEW kind of love, a QUIET love. A love always x

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