Signs of an Election

They multiply in the night, each one attempting to crowd the other one out by standing ever so slightly in front of their neighbour, all of them jostling for space on the corner.

You know what I’m talking about; those damn election signs that are overtaking our otherwise beautiful city. If it’s not the advertisements showing us all how they are so very talented at tearing the other party down instead of telling us what their plan might be, or the phone calls asking for your vote…. no wait, I cured that one with telling them that yes they have my vote so they make a note not needing to call me further oh and so sorry but I live in a condo and they don’t allow placing any signage…… that will have you wishing the Thanksgiving Day weekend away it will be those damn signs!

Not just one mind you. This morning I counted six, from the same party, all placed one after the other; you know, just in case you missed seeing one through five! The Green Party no less. Go figure! That should help the environment when they all end up in the landfill!

Ok. so I admit, as teenagers, my sister and I, taking on a friends paper route while they were on holiday, found creative ways to unload the freebie newspapers faster. We gave you six chances to cut out the coupons didn’t we?

So what’s the purpose of six election signs all placed six feet apart? Yes, yes I know, I noticed them didn’t I, I hear you telling me. No, seriously. It makes me wonder if your loyal followers can’t be bothered to find an empty spot to stick your signs. Oh wait, THERE AREN’T ANY!! (if you don’t include the one I’m thinking of)


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