Singing High

choirSinging with the Shout Sister choir last night was just what I needed. It’s so uplifting to just sing for 2 hours. I find myself looking forward to Tuesday evenings and wish there were more of them in the week!

It’s not just about the singing, it’s the women with whom I have chosen to be surrounded by. Strong, individual, like-minded females who are just as passionate as I am. The sound is powerful. The room filled with voices all in harmony. The words to every song ringing true in my ear. Last week I couldn’t get past the first line of ‘Lean On Me’ before the emotions took over and I was in a flood of tears.  This week I sang knowing that those women and I were singing  to each other; no tears, but  meaningful words of support and strength. The knowing glances as we applied the lyrics  to our own experiences, the shared smiles at the sheer joy of the song, all put goosebumps on my skin as we watched for our cue to finish.

One of the songs we sing isn’t particularly my favourite. I do a bit of moaning every time we’re told it’s the next one we’re going to practise. As I was singing, I became aware of all the parts of the song, the words, the harmonies and the melody. The harmonies sounded so beautiful and way more fun than the lead that I was singing.  Why am I staying in one place when I can sing a different part? Such a great question to ask of myself at this moment in time. That’s the great thing about singing in Shout Sister Choir, you’re encouraged to sing any part you are comfortable with doing with every single song. So with that thought, I will be practising a new part for next week so that I may have a fuller appreciation for that particular piece of music.

As the evening drew to a close I found I wasn’t ready for it to be over; two hours had just flown by. I wanted more! I know the feeling of being on a runner’s high; that moment when you hit your stride, all of it falling into place as it becomes effortless. Is there such a thing as a singer’s high? I think so, as I hit it last night. Shout sister and sing your heart out!


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