When Life GIves You Lemons, Part One

I don’t usually reblog but this one is most fitting for where I’m at….. probably number 6!

Psych Circus


Before we do anything else, let’s get that old saying out of the way:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Forgive me for picking on this tired old string of words, and please indulge me with a few comments on it:

  1. If life is giving you free groceries of any kind, first off, enjoy it while it lasts! Don’t let anyone make it sound like a bad thing.
  2. When you have a pile of free lemons, why limit your options?
  3. You can wait for life to start sending you free sugar too, or you can pay for some lemonade: buy the sugar & use your precious time to mix it all up.
  4. Do you even WANT lemonade? Plan to sell it? Think things through a little. You’ve stumbled onto a valuable resource: free lemons! Why waste them or spend money and time unless you have a use lemonade? Why…

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