Exit Stage Left

It just occurred to me in this life that isn’t a dress rehearsal, a thought that has carried me through my day. For the past century (actually longer, but let’s not go there) I’ve given of myself fully, I’ve listened, supported and loved another through a constant scene of family drama, ever deepening state of depression and never ending ill health and forgotten about one of  the most important scenes. I’ve been so engrossed in the story that I lost sight of the plot! I stopped reading my lines to help another practise theirs.

I encouraged  music writing and performing. I listened with great enthusiasm, always feeling a slight envy of such talent. I heard how the music would suddenly pop into your head, awaking from a sleep with full tunes playing in your mind. I would be in awe, fascinated and impressed, all the while not ever having a command of how that was even possible. And here it has been all along waiting in the wings, patiently for it’s cue.

It’s a bit like that scene in the Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon is trying to access the part of his brain that will help him to see the answer. (Funny how that episode is my all time favourite one). The mind is an amazing thing and mine has been in full action lately! It happens when I’m driving Elizabeth to school, “Grab my phone and type in what I tell you in my notes” I tell her, when I’m reading my book,  in goes the page marker so I can grab my journal and when I’m on the treadmill at the gym engrossed in my daily workout; out pour all the words that I want to write. All my creativity springing into action so that both hemispheres of my brain are on stage at the same time. I’ve been reading the wrong script!

If this is the reason God gave you your exit cue, then it is all starting to make sense. No more encores please. Exit stage left.


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