Carrot Cake Cheese Cake and An Evening of Discoveries

cake  As I sat in the worn, leather-bound chair at the Red Brick Café waiting for you, there it was. A massive slice of two heavenly flavours combined into one glorious looking dessert all presented elegantly onto the plate. I love how the art form of ‘painting’ the empty space on the plate with yet more calories of melted chocolate and whipped cream enticed me further. Temptation was all in its glory last night!

“Would you like two forks?” What a ridiculous question! This was all mine to savour; and savour it I did, every divine mouthful. But temptation comes with a price and one that I have to be willing to suffer for. (See where I’m going with this one?) I’ve come too far to slip back into my old ways now but for one glorious moment I was going to taste that heavenly combination damn it!

It wasn’t the fact that we had sat on wrought iron chairs on that wonderfully lit, cozy patio or the fact that we had been there for close to 4 hours talking and sharing well into the night, but the seizing up of joints upon standing up to leave that did it. That massive consumption of refined sugar, that I don’t even want to know the calorie count, made me do it. I knew what I was letting myself in for, eating the ‘forbidden fruit’. I know how it affects my life. Was it worth the pain? Yes, yes it was, every forkful that went into my mouth!

Still on my sweet high I logged onto my Pinterest account and came across a delightful looking gluten-free, almond coconut bar recipe that intrigued me. I’ve perfected a similar recipe of my own but this one called for an ingredient that I have never heard of before: Lucuma powder. I discovered that it is derived from the orange and yellow pulpy lucuma fruit viewed by the ancient Peruvians as a symbol of fertility and creation. Apparently it’s taste is a cross between maple syrup and citrus and is a healthy natural sweetener. It’s low glycemic index, source of beta-carotene, iron, vitamins A and C and ability to stabilize the immune system, all help towards it’s title of ‘super fruit’. But it’s the added benefits of high niacin that apparently make it highly recommended for depression, it’s cholesterol lowering properties, plus it’s good source of fibre that have caught my attention.  No wonder it is called a ‘super food’.

So, what with my ability to connect the dots in the daily occurrences of my life these days, I’ve now connected the dots and coloured it in! I’ve completed the picture and come to realize that I CAN, in fact, still enjoy the cravings  but just have to  make a much healthier choice.


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