A Smooth Road

caution   I awoke this morning to the noise of construction outside the window. Actually more like DE-construction as the large imposing pieces of equipment were making light work of ripping up the parking lot at the condo building where I live.

My daughter, Elizabeth, and I escaped the early morning commotion by heading off to the gym for our workout, even though neither of us particularly felt in the mood for it today. Instead of trying to navigate the potholes and deconstructed parking lot on our return, I decided to avoid it all together and find a spot to park on one of the side streets; we would be heading  back out again after showering anyway.

My thoughts constantly compare the occurrences of the day to what is going on in my  personal life at the moment (I’m sure you’ve noticed) This one is no exception.

The ripping up of the pavement and  the making life easier by parking elsewhere easily reminded me of the great job I have done this week by going out every single night. The chaos is there but I don’t have to trip over it. Tomorrow when it will be finished  and a brand new, perfectly smooth parking lot will be ready, complete with freshly painted, allocated parking spots, I will once again be able to drive on a smooth road. The road ahead won’t always be broken.

Later on in the day when it seemed as if the workers had moved on, I returned to my designated parking spot, the construction vehicles working on another section of the lot. The noise continued inside my condo but not quite so intrusive as they were working further away. I went about my morning busying myself with the things I needed to get done and soon had to head back out again to collect Elizabeth from school. Imagine my horror on seeing my car in the process of being hooked up to be towed away! Another few minutes and I would have returned to an empty parking spot altogether. It turned out that the paving company had had to hire a towing company to come and remove the vehicles from the lot as the building managers had failed to disclose the entire information to the tenants regarding the process. Failure to disclose information, resulting in total chaos for everyone involved. How much easier it would have been had the information been shared properly in the first place!

There are far too many raised manholes about and I for one will appreciate the smooth road.


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