I wasn’t looking for a renovation, but isn’t that how all renovations start? You don’t actually know how bad it really is until the walls start coming down. Yes, I will admit there were some areas that needed fixing but I definitely wasn’t expecting a whole overhaul! Yes, I will admit to noticing the little things that didn’t work as well as they used to but I either made do or found an excuse to ignore them.

Some people are willing to rip apart beautiful, centuries old memories, replacing all the fabulous, unique qualities with instant new life, never having a full appreciation of the vast history that lies beneath the worn surface. No, I couldn’t imagine doing that, it seems so very wrong and not my style at all, but then if that’s what you want. Why not just start with the new in the first place instead of damaging an amazing thing that others might have enjoyed and appreciated more? I suppose starting from scratch could turn out to be cathartic as you tear away at the bones of the structure to reveal something for fresh viewing.

Change can be a good thing, just not all at once. Don’t try to renovate an entire life’s worth of building. Instead tackle one obstacle at a time until you arrive at a completely new space, ready to welcome in new memories and keepsakes. Fill every corner with the beauty of fresh flowers bought at the early Saturday morning market. Invite friends over to share in your  life, enjoying the  joy and laughter. Stay up late just to enjoy the stillness of your surroundings and be at peace knowing that this is your sanctuary. A place to come home to, a refuge from the storm. After all, doesn’t your love life deserve exactly that?


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