God’s Plan

Today a beautiful soul entered my life in a new way. I may not know God’s plan for me right now or have the ability to see what lies ahead on this bumpy, tumultuous road, but I believe He knows what he is doing.

People enter into our lives for a purpose and equally in that same sense, they leave. We may not always see the reasons straight away but again, I believe there is a higher purpose in action. I have to have faith and trust in that plan. I have to keep moving forward.

I met you back in March and felt back then that we had known one another forever. An ease of conversation, a knowing that we would somehow end up enjoying being in one another’s company. We both left each other laughing at owning up to this, wondering if the other would find it weird.

Some people come and some people go. This time, God has placed you in front of me at just the right moment. The people that leave your life after causing so much devastation, chaos and pain leave room for those entering who only offer love and healing. There is no looking back, only forward motion. Together we are stronger, lighter and able to own our lives in a way that encourages healing. Yes, letting go of those caustic folks that only know how to revel in their own darkness and cannot see the light moves me closer to God’s plan, whatever that may be.

Welcome into my life S, may our journey together bring us both what we are searching for.


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