Gut Reaction

Thoughts Out Loud

images (11)My life has been like that of a soap opera of late; breakups, arguments, passion, love, tears, reunions and full of emotions, and that’s just in the space of a few days!

My gut instincts not only should be listened to but also questioned at times. How does the gut get involved with the hearts emotions? Surely it’s not any of it’s business. Why can’t they just get on with their own job and leave well enough alone?

Having an understanding of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and all it’s variables is helpful to a certain degree but only when it’s simple: eat something wrong equals pain and poop! But it’s when stress factors get involved and things get all churned up in my head, that my gut’s reaction is to do the same.That saying of, “Listen to your gut instincts” and “What does your gut tell you?” truly makes sense and…

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