The Jar Project

10882131_772099559546703_1323974745511520878_n  My Jar Project is off to a great start. My day has definitely  had it’s negative moments. Several in fact. But with those negative moments I have looked upon them for what they have been. Just moments. Snippets of events throughout my day. I could make them bigger and write about them and give my full attention to them. Heck they all could be the focus of their own blog! But no, here I am at the tail end of my day sitting here smiling. Now what should go into my jar for the very first day of a new year. . . . . .

. . . . I had a lovely morning conversation with my dear Mum and Dad, Tim’s was open so I could share in a breakfast with my daughter (plus I discovered they sell French Cappuccinos for my Keurig!) My niece sent me the latest photos of her beloved new little one, I revelled in the luxury of an afternoon nap, I lost myself in a book curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, I filled my car up with gas that cost me 90 cents a litre, all 3 of my children came back safely after their New Year’s Eve partying and then I discovered a  weird reality show that has had  me smiling and laughing  all evening. (Seriously a strange concept for a show!) And the day isn’t even over yet. This is going to take one heck of a big jar!


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