imagesBUGCFDQF  Family. We all have one. Some of us love our families dearly and treasure every moment spent together while some of us complain and see only the bad within our family tree. I fall into the first category. I’m not saying my family is perfect, nor am I saying mine is better than yours. We have all gone through tough times at one point or another. But the fact remains, at the end of the day, we are still family.

I saw my family today as most of us do during the holidays. I saw my parents joy at being surrounded by their family and having their house full of little ones, including the newest addition, little Amelia . I sat and laughed so hard with my sister and Dad, listening to that amazing sound of someone trying to catch their breath for laughing so hard. We laughed so hard it brought my Mum back into the room to see what on earth we were all laughing at!  I sat and pulled ridiculous faces with my little nephew, each one getting uglier than the last but still making us laugh. I miss the laughter the most.

Seeing my beautiful niece become a new mother with such ease is truly a beautiful sight. She is so much in love with her little girl and I love that. I watched as her husband took care of the preparation of his daughters feeding time. Becoming a little family all of their very own instantly endearing them further into our hearts.

Talking with my brother about the every day struggles of the ‘school drop off’ made me so happy. It’s those little things that bring me such joy. The fact that we can sit and talk and appreciate those times is so important as we grow older. My little nephews are not so little anymore and are growing way too fast for my liking! I love hearing their sweet little voices with their English accents. Their little faces light up with mischief, exactly how two young boys should be; full of life and innocence. Their Mum and Dad are doing an amazing job of being parents and role models.

My oldest nephew always manages to bring a smile to my face just by doing the same. He has a smile that can melt anyone’s heart (and an even more wonderful laugh which is so contagious!) I love how certain things never change, even though he is actually a grown young man. He will always be my ‘honeybun’.

I treasure the love I feel from my entire family. It keeps me going during my dark times. They are who I turn to. My sister gives  amazing advice but still manages to bring some form of laughter into those heavy moments. My family are a great gift and each one of them with a gift all of their own that they willingly share.

I see my parents every single Sunday. Some Sunday conversations are longer than others. Some are happy, others sad. But it’s the casual, everyday sort of chatting that I have come to appreciate the most. I treasure those moments and long for more and hate the goodbyes even more nowadays. For you see, I don’t get to sit in the same room as my family when we share in those moments. We sit on different continents. Each of us logged into our Skype accounts and hanging onto every last word that can be shared before our connection either is lost or the time difference catches up with us.

For all of you with family close by, treasure those precious moments catching up with one another’s lives. Let the mundane daily events be appreciated through conversations with loved ones and remember that family is a gift.

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