The Extra Mile

images (4)  There IS good out there in this cruel world of ours. It’s just a shame we don’t get to turn on our televisions in the morning to watch the news full of ‘feel good’ stories, instead of the daily horror we witness. It doesn’t have to be a huge story. Heck having someone hold open a door for me when my arms are full of groceries pleases me these days. It’s those little gestures that make all the difference in our busy lives. It doesn’t take long, nor does it take much to go that extra step in making someone’s day a little brighter.

It has felt like a really long day today as I have been off work ill (yet again!!) made even longer by the fact that my daughter, Elizabeth, didn’t come straight home after her day at school. Usually we would sit and chat about our day over a hot cup of tea and cookies and catch up on the days events but today she went to do several other things.

A friend was going to a dance, so Elizabeth helped her make her hair all pretty. Girls love that sort of thing 🙂 Plus they probably chatted up a storm while hanging out together. Then later she went to participate in a friends movie that she was making as part of  her university entrance application. Elizabeth was an ‘extra’ and had looked forward to her part in it, especially as she got to dress up in pretty clothes and pretend to be at a party.

Normally, I would have gone to pick her up afterwards as I am not so comfortable with her bussing home after dark. Just something I can’t relax about. I watch the news all too often. Tonight was a little different because she knew I wasn’t feeling so well. (That’s how I can tell I am not at my best too when I actually LET her come home on the bus!) The most I could do was text her. Somehow that makes me feel better as if somehow I am right beside her taking care of her and making sure she is safe.

Just when I start to feel that urgent sense of needing to hear from her we start texting one another. Mine start off with “Are you alive?” so she can respond with “Yes I am still alive Mother and on my way home”. She knows me well and that I can’t help worrying. (My son, on the other hand, would respond with just one word, “No!” which still manages to make me smile)

It was what Elizabeth said in her text message next that made my day. She told me how a couple of young lads, who were also ‘extra’s’ in the movie, walked with her “so she wouldn’t get stolen”. They were more than ‘extra’s’ tonight, they both went the extra mile to make sure she got on her bus safely. Thank-you kindly for giving me at least one feel- good -story for the day. That extra mile was well worth it.


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