The Mystery Of A Mystery

untitled (11) I’ve often driven past a certain local, upscale restaurant to see their sign advertising their next ‘Murder Mystery’ evening and been intrigued. It struck me (no pun intended of course) on how popular this kind of evening’s entertainment is, as I have seen them popping up at other popular venues around the city too.

I’m both intrigued and a little disturbed. Is it like being part of one big game of ‘Cluedo’ (or ‘Clue’ as it’s known in North America) where you have to guess who killed whom, with what and where? Are the restaurant diners part of the scenario or just casually enjoying their meal choices and a murder happens? Yes I am intrigued.

More importantly, why is this entertainment? Why not enjoy the wonderfully prepared meal with a fabulous glass of wine with some soft music in the background. Better yet why not enjoy that wonderfully prepared meal with a fabulous glass of wine and engage in good old fashioned conversation with your dinner partner? Now there’s an idea!

The idea of sitting down to eat a meal while a person gets ‘murdered’ in front of you just doesn’t seem right. Who came up with this weird form of entertainment? The more I think about it all the more it bothers me. Although it’s tempting to satisfy my curiosity by booking myself an evening of fine dining,  I think for now I will leave it at just that……  a murder mystery.


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