Ruffled Feathers

9dff8993f5afe567e551e436534b7122   There is nothing more wonderful after a long busy week than knowing you can sleep in on a Saturday morning. Staying up late Friday night knowing that there won’t be an alarm blaring out disturbing your peaceful dreams in the morning is reward enough for that crazy work week. Not all weekends start like this for me as sometimes there are early morning plans. I’ve had too many of those just recently so looked forward to waking up when my body was ready. However, this morning did not go as planned.

The popular French Canadian children’s song about plucking feathers from a lark, in retribution for being woken up by it’s song, somehow seems fitting for today’s blog. I don’t think I would mind waking to birdsong. In fact I think I quite miss that. I always loved hearing the dawn chorus from those beautiful little song birds on my trips home to England.  I do however, mind being woken up at 2:45AM by a phone call.

At first, in my confused state of slumber, I thought it was my alarm clock going off. But that’s not right it’s Saturday. It didn’t take long to register that it was in fact an incoming phone call. Who the heck would be calling me at this time of the morning? It usually sends me into a bit of panic as I tend to think the worst news is coming about a family member abroad, but this was a local number. I answered with a barely audible, “Hello?” and was greeted with, “I’m so sorry but I’ve locked myself out of the building, could you buzz me in?” If I had have been awake enough I would have been quite rude to this young girl. So you made sure you took your cell phone out with you but you couldn’t think to take your frickin’ keys?!! I sleepily said “Ok” and promptly hung up falling back onto my pillow thinking WHAT THE HECK?! It took a few moments for it all to register and I realized I hadn’t buzzed her in.  On hearing movement in the hallway outside, I knew she must be in, but she would have woken a second person up to ask them the same question! I wonder if they were as polite as I was.

When I woke for the second time this morning (at a more reasonable hour) I contemplated phoning her cell phone number that is now registered on my phone and asking if she got into the building safely, knowing full well I would have woken HER up. I could have been mean but that isn’t in my nature and would have served no purpose. And   besides, I don’t want my feathers plucked out in retribution.


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