A Thursday Do Over

94c977390facc33616245dde90961fee   Working in a school means I get to spend long summer days not caring what day of the week it is, as really every day is a weekend, so to speak. But it’s not the summer. It feels like that is long gone and I’ve put in 6 months of work instead of just 2. It’s been busy at work, to say the least, so having an extra day off for our Thanksgiving weekend was most welcome. I don’t know why it is but whenever we have a three-day weekend and the work week is shorter, it ALWAYS feels longer than normal. It doesn’t make much sense I know but that’s the truth.

I have a hard enough time remembering what day it is without starting my work week on a Tuesday so you can imagine how ‘out of sorts’ I get with these changes. It alters everything! However it wasn’t Tuesday that was the issue, it was Wednesday that messed with my head.

Wednesday proved to be a tiresome, difficult day, particularly the first half. I spent most of the morning thinking “Oh brother it’s a going to be a long day” Not only was it a long day but it was the WRONG DAY!

I spent all day, yes ALL DAY, thinking that Wednesday was Thursday!! In order to cope with my rather trying morning I kept telling myself that I could manage as I only had one more day till the weekend. I passed a colleague in the hallway who looked as tired as I felt and even said to her, “We can do this! Just one more day to go!” Now I know she was tired as she didn’t even correct my mistake, either that or she thought it was Thursday too!

I can’t believe how convinced I was about what day of the week it was. I would have placed a bet on it if someone had asked me too. It was only at the end of my work day when I was getting ready to leave for home that during a conversation, someone pointed out to me that no it was in fact Wednesday and not Thursday. I actually didn’t believe her and thought she was just trying to mess with my head. I checked the date on the computer, I looked at the calendar PLUS asked my daughter what day it was before I would trust that yes I would have to live through another Thursday.

So instead of worrying about where my head is at I will say thank-you to higher powers for allowing me the chance for a Thursday do-over that turned out to be a good day after all. Now all I have to say is, TGIF tomorrow. . . . . . It is Friday tomorrow right?


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