Satisfying that sweet tooth

4577bee825d88d7a8fee1ca4841fe123  It seems fitting that on this Thanksgiving weekend I share something to do with food, after all it is a huge part of our celebrations as we gather with friends and family.

It always seems that I fill up on the delicious tender turkey, the buttery mashed potatoes and the family recipe for sausage meat stuffing. I never have room for dessert! Not that it is a requirement but there is something so satisfying about ending a meal with a little something sweet.

I came upon this recipe on Pinterest and loved its simplicity. I hate making food that is complicated with hard to find ingredients. This little gem of a recipe was the ideal pick; I had the ingredients on hand plus it took no time at all to prepare. The only thing I would change is the cookie base. It needs to have something to bind the crumbs together so they don’t end up in your lap as we discovered. Mixing in a little melted butter next time will do the trick.

Perfect little treat to satisfy that sweet tooth. Enjoy 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving ❤


Crush chocolate flavoured cookies and put into a cupcake liner in muffin tin

Add a scoop of your favourite ice-cream (I used mint chocolate chip)

Top with melted chocolate mixed with a  small amount of cream (this makes the chocolate more fudge like)

Pop the muffin tin into the freezer and if you can, wait till hardened!

Try to eat just one 😉


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