Kindness goes a long way

1013296_396257183843457_1740724702_n  It is said that the average woman uses 20,000 words a day, compared to a mans 7,000. In a year that’s 7.3 million a year. If she lives to be 85 , that’s 620.5 million words over the span of a lifetime. What if all of those words spoken were all positive? How different our world would be.

Would wars exist if leaders spoke respectively and resolved their differences in a peaceful, positive manner? Differences of opinion would be viewed as acceptable and appreciated. What if our self worth was valued and those inner voices spoke kindly? That certainly would change the face of advertising!

No more weight loss programmes, wrinkle cream or grey hair coverage products as we would appreciate the very natural ageing process. Only messages of, “You’re beautiful just the way God made you, whoever your God might be”.

Anti bullying programmes in schools would no longer have a place as only kind words would be spoken. Words of encouragement and empowerment instead of nasty, hateful rocks being thrown.

We all have the potential and power within us to change how we speak, not only to ourselves, but to those around us. We have the power to reach further out with the use of the World Wide Web, the ability to send a text message to someone on the other side of the globe and be face to face with a long distance family member or friend during a Skype session.

Kindness goes a long way. Or at least it has the potential to. How far have your kind words travelled today?


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