Falling for a guy

First-aid   As a child I was always falling over or bumping into things. I remember once just randomly walking into a street lamp. Clearly I wasn’t looking where I was going but nevertheless I ended up in tears and more than likely a nice goose egg on my forehead. I don’t particularly remember being an accident prone child but maybe my parents might remember things differently. It seems as if I haven’t outgrown this phase.

I have tripped over small changes in the sidewalks, up the stairs, down the stairs, climbing over stair gates and sometimes just my own shadow. But I think the one that tops them all was after we moved several years ago. It was on a warm September evening and we had just finished eating our supper that I made on the BBQ. I decided it was time to clean up so I could relax for the evening. It was dark outside but the light from the inside was bright enough that I could see to collect the dishes and cooking utensils from beside the BBQ. Or so I thought. I took a  step out further on what I thought was still the deck but it had actually ended. I must have looked like those cartoon characters that continue walking off cliffs. Only they fall and just get up and return to the story line unharmed but I am no cartoon character. I landed on my ribs down on the lawn stunned, injured and unable to scream for help. Our first BBQ in our new home ended with sirens, firefighters and a ride in an ambulance to the emergency department with suspected broken ribs.

When I look back on that awful night, today’s incident wasn’t as bad. No sirens, first responders or a trip to the hospital, just a trip trying to catch a running child. My hands still sting, I walk with a limp, my knee is sore, swollen and bruised. I will be alright but I really fell hard for this guy!


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