Sunday Morning & a Tumble of Kittens

8e313de9c685393749339ba439ddc033  Ah lazy Sunday mornings wrapped up in my cozy bathrobe with my cup of steaming hot tea, sitting quietly with my thoughts. Yep that sounds good right about now. But here I sit with my teeth gritted together and feeling slightly agitated. Cozy bathrobe? Check. Steaming hot cup of tea? Check. Sitting quietly? Well I suppose technically I am but there are a couple of kittens who are not!

For the last 2 hours they have entertained themselves with using the entire condo space as their personal race track, skidding around furniture obstacles, over and under, around and around. I clearly was in their way judging by the amount of times a leaping kitten bounded over my laptop followed by the second one in hot pursuit.

“Get two kittens” they said, “They will be company for one another” they said! Well they were right. It wouldn’t be half as much fun chasing around by yourself now would it! Things certainly have changed around here.

Animals have a way of redeeming themselves with their total cuteness and unconditional love. It wasn’t quite what I had planned for my morning ritual. However, after all that craziness, here I am trying to type with one hand as a purring kitten is curled up demanding constant attention. This one knows how to use her cute kitten looks.

Now that some kind of ‘normal’ has returned I might be able to resume my plan of sitting quietly with my thoughts and another hot cup of tea, but on the other hand. . . .  . . .


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