Going Dotty

images (7)   Polka dots! Big bold coloured ones, small subtle ones, rainbows of colours in varying sizes, in fact just any dots really.  I didn’t connect the dots till this morning. Seriously though, I’m a bit worried!

I made myself a pot of tea, as I always do every single morning. My bright red teapot with it’s white polka dots is so cheerful sitting on my counter top. As soon as I saw it in the local downtown market store, I knew it would be perfect for my kitchen.

After drinking my much welcomed hot cup of tea, I reluctantly slipped into my jeans, as it was definitely a jeans and sweater day. I wish I could have gone bare sleeved  but Fall has arrived,  so a sweater it was. I adore my black 3 quarter length sleeve polka dotted sweater, it’s so cute!

Now I draw the line at having to put socks on just yet, as I like to think I can make summer last just a tad longer. If I still get to wear my sandals at work, I can laugh in the face of Fall and trick myself into thinking that winter is not hiding around the corner.

Getting to work was a different matter, as it was raining cats and dogs out there. I succumbed to the socks so I could put on my rain boots. Yep polka dotted socks inside my polka dotted rain boots with the bright pink lining. I love my rain boots but don’t really get to wear them much as they will soon be replaced by something warmer. So today they made me happy.

Packed my lunch into my new polka dotted lunch bag and popped it in my larger bag that carries other worldly goods to work. Yep also polka dotted.

My daughter pipes up, “Mum I think you have a theme going on there!” No kidding, I’m a bit worried about myself. Am I going dotty?

Nope it’s all good, I sigh with relief, as I am not wearing my polka dotted bra. Now if I had put that one on this morning then I would have something to worry about 😉


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