Backseat driving

As a young child, I loved driving home in the dark. Sitting in the back seat, I felt safe and comforted. I would fall asleep listening to the sounds of my parents gentle conversations from the front seats and the soothing music playing on the radio.

I would always have to sit between my older sister and younger brother. They both suffered terribly with car sickness and always needed to be beside the doors for a quick exit. When they weren’t being ill, they would fall asleep on me, one on either  side using me as their pillow. I loved that feeling of being squished between the two of them; all of our silly squabbles at peace, even if for a short car ride. Those moments are a very strong memory for me. The darkness enveloping our car as we drove home after a day out.

Watching my own 3 children’s car rides gave me pleasure, as I witnessed it in the rear view mirror. First the squabbles, then the laughter, and finally, a settling down of moulding into one big lump of  sleeping children in the back seat.

My life has come full circle. Here I am in the back seat again. Now it’s my daughter who is in that front seat.  Her beloved Aidan at the wheel, keeping us all safe. He sings as he drives and she glances over occasionally, with a smile on her face and lovingly places her hand on his knee.

I love driving in the dark, being comforted by the sounds of music and gentle conversations coming from the front seats.


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