Construction Zone

images (6) Moving into an unfinished building doesn’t seem like a good idea at first but I actually have come to enjoy it. No I haven’t lost my marbles. Ok I will admit that the constant tracking in of sand and dirt on our shoes is a tad annoying but nothing I can’t handle with a quick swish of the dustpan and brush on my new hardwood floors. The trucks that somehow are always driving backwards and emitting that ear-splitting BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, as they reverse, have caused a few ‘beeps’ out of me, I can tell you! If it goes  on too long I just chose to run some errands to give my poor head a break.

Our mail has only just started to arrive too as there was some problem with the lock on the mailboxes in the lobby. I have been checking every single day but only found dust in my slot. Not  a huge problem you may think, until today. I arrived home to a hand delivered letter underneath my door saying “FINAL NOTICE”, as well as the first and second billings in my mailbox! Yes, rather frustrating, but easily explained to the lovely young lady at Guelph Hydro. I know I won’t be their only customer who received one of those hand delivered notices today as the post office catches up with  all of our undelivered mail! That, I wasn’t expecting.

Living in a construction zone will obviously have some disadvantages but its the advantages that I have come to appreciate on a daily basis. Yes it has its advantages. Workmen. Need I say anymore? Seriously though, there is something wonderful about being greeted every single morning as I walk out of my suite to hear a “Good Morning” from at least one of them. Their faces have become a familiar sight for the last month as they go about their various tasks. The project manager is on site every single day and is the most polite a person can be. He has been known to apologize for apologizing so frequently when really in the first place no apology was necessary! Yes he is a lovely man who clearly loves to please.

It was last night that made me smile though. Arriving home each day after work, Elizabeth and I see what progress has been made with the creation of the paths and the gate and fence posts being installed. My parking spot is right on the end next to where the ‘garden’ is being created. As I got my purse out from the back of the car I turned around to see  I was rather close to the swinging bucket on the small piece of machinery that was being used to move the soil. (nope do not have a clue as to what it is called!) The cheeky construction worker laughed at my reaction which in turn made me smile back and wave my finger at him for scaring me. It just made him laugh more.

On getting to the door with our arms full of stuff, the door was politely held open for us by another worker who stopped what he was doing to do his good deed. These workers must have seen us come and go many, many times as we too have watched their daily activities. They have become a part of my daily life. I leave for work in the morning and am greeted cheerily. I come home at the end of a busy day and still see their smiling faces.

When the construction is complete and the crew move onto their next project, It’s the people who I will miss. The people who have smiled and greeted me on a daily basis. So for now I am ok with sweeping the construction dirt from my floor because it means I’m still living in a construction zone and that’s just fine with me.


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