Slow moving vehicles & a game of fat cat.

images (5)  Being a grown-up has its advantages, but on sick days, nope can’t think of any. Elizabeth  still needs to be driven to school, cats still need feeding and food has to, at least, be in the house! All I want to do is stay in my nice warm bed and have someone take care of me for a change. I’m not wallowing in self pity, it’s just the way it is when you are a single parent; there is no calling out “Honey can you bring me _________?” (endless options for that blank space!) or hear someone say, “Don’t worry I’ve got this one”. Yep that would be nice.

So here I am, after dropping my daughter off at school, watching as the traffic built up coming towards me. Boy I was glad I was going the other way. A long line of cars slowly resorting to a snail’s pace with their drivers probably slightly miffed by now, as I am pretty sure they were all so excited and eager to get to their work destinations! I wondered why the driver of the over sized city grass cutter didn’t just pull over and use the more than adequate shoulder to get to his destination. That made sense to me but then I am not the driver of a slow moving vehicle. I was curious as to whether he was aware of what he was causing behind him or did he just not care?

I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store and achingly got out of the car, stopping to steady myself and head for the nearest cart to hold onto. I slowly made my way to the cat food aisle and stocked up on enough to last for a small catastrophe (no pun intended of course) plus a few other necessities that I may as well pick up, seeing as how I was already there. I Slowly walked to the cashier who dutifully asked, “How are you today?” I’ve always wondered whether they really care so instead of the usual response I replied, “Well actually I’m not feeling good today”.

This particular cashier has caught my eye before. How could lashings of purple eye-shadow not? Not to mention her wild hair-do. She has a crazed kind of “I don’t care” look about her that fascinates me. Well today I found out that  she, in fact, does care. She stopped me from packing my own bag and says “No I will do that for you as you don’t want to do that when you feel rough”. She then says something that made me burst out laughing. “What you need is to be a fat cat for today!” “Well, I’ve never heard that before but I know exactly what you mean” I smiled. “Yes, go home, make yourself a cup of coffee, sit on the sofa in the sunshine and just curl up for the day”. She finishes packing my emergency supplies and waves me off with a “Feel better honey” and I, once again,  become that slow moving vehicle,  with a  smile on my face that someone took the time to take care of me. Thanks lovely lady. Now for that  game of ‘Fat Cat’.


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