“Up hill both ways!”

“It’s up hill both ways!” they said. Back then I laughed at them thinking how is that even possible? That was a long time ago when Starkey Hill was being described to me by my ex-husband and a friend. Clearly it was their way of saying, “Man, that trail is hard!” but they kept going, trying to outdo one another with how ‘fast’ they could complete it. Well, that was then and this is now and damn they were right!

Starkey Hill is actually my favourite trail out of all the ones I have hiked. It’s full of bends in the trail, hills, rocks and tree roots on the path and all set on the highest peak in Arkell, Ontario for a beautiful scenic view looking back towards Guelph. It’s popular with both dog walkers and hikers alike; as I believe no biking is allowed. Just peaceful walks in a serene setting. Or being forced to run like I was tonight!

If I would have known that my question posed to my daughter of, “Would you like to come for a walk with me at Starkey’s?” was going to entail being forced to run I might not have gone.  Nor would I have chosen to go in the outfit I was wearing, because as all females know, running without the proper support is just not right. It’s wrong on every level. Had she warned me that she was going to turn into a sergeant major and yell out things like, “Pick those feet up!” or “Move it! Move it!” I might also have reconsidered my question. I think she even got behind me at one point and literally pushed me to keep me going!

I was a bit sneaky when I posed the question of the so called ‘walk’ to her as I knew she needed it just as much as I did. Different reasons with  different outcomes, but both health related. Here I thought I would get her out to help her and here she was, being equally sneaky, surprising me with her idea of helping me! In the end we both got what we needed; downtime with one another and a chance to offload our day. Plus a workout for our mind and body. I could have done without the sudden appearance of a snake in our path. That was enough to make a grown woman run with or without a sports bra!

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