Cat fights

Watching our new kittens interact with one another is pure entertainment, so much life in such small furry bodies. Their inquisitiveness is endless along with their energy! Their day is full of eat, sleep, play, poop, and repeat. Not too different from us humans; I suppose just the amount of time spent on each activity.

After a long day at work I was ready for bed far quicker than those little fur balls were. I slumped further into the couch while they spent hours chasing things we could not even see! We all watched as the smallest one would creep in stealth mode and pounce continuously onto poor unsuspecting Mia. She put up with it for much longer than I would have, calmly just looking at her small room-mate or walking away and finding a new spot.

Some time later into the evening when she had reached her limit she finally pinned the little Tasmanian Devil down and nipped at her ears and any other parts that presented themselves to her little face. It all eventually calmed down in our household and the two settled down to sleep. Now, even though I said we watched this unfold and let the little one practise her attack modes, it was not easy to just sit back and observe. But, that was what had to happen. It would have been so easy to separate them during these episodes but the little one would not have learned anything and Mia would not have had the opportunity to show what she  was willing to put up with and what was unacceptable.

These little creatures learn fast and every day will bring something new and fun for us to observe but I truly think that the ending to the day last night was the best one we will see. After much playing and fighting and tails twitching in annoyance, both young kittens curled up together, intertwined more than side by side. The little one stretches out, looks at Mia and then it happened. Mia starts to groom her. From the tip of her furry little head right down to her skinny little tail. As the grooming continued we watched in awe as the little one relaxed into a deep sleep being comforted by the licking. A beautiful act that brought other cat fights to mind, but this time not from the animal kingdom.

We have much to learn from these little loving creatures who after being annoyed with one another still ended their day by comforting one another. I wish that would happen in the human world. When somebody calls themselves your friend and you find out that they have been bad mouthing you behind your back on several occasions, it makes you stop and wonder why. Human behaviour sure is puzzling, but just like the kittens reaction of only putting up with so much before retaliating I think there will come a time when a certain human will be getting an ear nipping!



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