Chills, chilled, chillin’

421fbbe887d36e9057b97b52d49908fbWhat a difference a day makes! Yesterday I was wrapped up like a swaddled baby shivering from the constant chills and feeling pretty sorry for myself. In between the many hot cups of tea I slept and dreamt those crazy dreams that always seem to come when you are ill. Why is that do you suppose? Once I woke remembering  an intro to a romance novel I had penned in my head!  Yes resting in bed for most of the day was exactly what I needed as today I think there might be less tea drinking (although don’t hold me to that!) I don’t think there will be any profound novels written today just snippets of pictures in my head as I drove with the window down and the sunroof open to let in the cool September air. Even though I wasn’t going to spend a day at school, my daughter still had to get there. As I drove back home I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful crisp blue sky with the little wisps of cotton candy clouds, as if someone had just pulled a piece off and just left it there, the contra-trail getting longer and longer of some plane probably destined for some exotic European destination and the  chill in the air as the wind gave me a new hair do. With the noticeable drop in the temperature these past few days I was torn between winding the window back up and restoring my hair to some kind of normal or allowing the crisp air to blow away the cobwebs and germs from inside my  car. Crazy hair lady won and it felt good, because after all, cups of tea and some good old fashioned fresh air was just what the day needed to feel chilled. In a good way this time.


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