Kitty Love

Mia and Marceline are loved so very much and they haven’t even arrived home yet! Preparing for their home coming has brought excitement and constant kitten conversations into our lives. Such little fur balls of fun they will be! I am fully expecting to come home from work one day to see either one of them up to no good. I’m betting my life it will be Marceline! We have 2 days to ‘kitten proof’. Is that even possible?! Either way I am looking forward to being a pet owner again and enjoying the   simple pleasure of the sound of a purring kitten.


One thought on “Kitty Love

  1. Ah Linda..Are these yours??? How sweet,& soo lovely to have 2 togther.Reminds me of Dear Slippers and Trouble who gave us so much Love and fun all those years ago,Thomas and Rowena grew up wirh them.Hope they bring you all the love and fun in your new home.Would love to see some pictures ….Jodie and Drew our pups are sometimes naughty but already we just wouldnt or couldnt be without them.Love You Lots Skister and am soo pleased for you in your new home Big Hugs Diane xxxxx


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